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Meet our EdD students

This page features details of current students on the Doctorate in Education.

Student NameResearch Title/AreaDirector of Studies
Ada Adeghe The Role of Masters level study in enhancing teacher professionalism: A study of school teachers’ and CPD leaders’ conceptions of masters and what it means to be a professional in schools. Prof Steve Bartlett
Amanda Barrie Professional Doctorate in Education Dr Linda Devlin (Academic Advisor)
Jon Bentley Students’ investment in education; perceptions of belonging, academic emotion and achievement Dr Val Hall
Karen Bill An emotional rollercoaster: An exploration into business start-ups amongst Graduates Dr Kay Biscomb
Veronica Brock The frustrations of the ‘Flossie’ on the Fourth Floor; what makes an academic in the twilight of her career remain within the teaching arena.  An autoethnobiographical account of teaching Linguistics, Language and TESOL in an English ‘Post-92’ Institution of HE and in a similar institution in Sweden. Dr Andy Cramp
Daniel Clarke Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Michael Cummings Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Chris Davies A comparative case study into the influences and effects on the development and maintenance of a teachers’ professional identities using visual metaphors and narrative analysis. Dr Maria Tsouroufli
Steve Dixon

First Year Undergraduate Experiences of the Use of Digital Audio Feedback

Dr Linda Devlin
Mark Dobson

Access to Higher Education exists as a transitional site of self-identity for adult learners

Prof Peter Lavender
Trevor Down

How are Royal Air Force whole force personnel using coaching and mentoring techniques to improve their leadership and managerial skills?

Dr Ron Sargent (Academic Advisor)
Dieirdre Duignan

Professional Doctorate in Education

Emma Edwards

Change within higher education: a case study examining the implementation of an employability strategy within a post-1992 University

Dr Andy Cramp
Vernel Emanuel Conceptualising caring within a pre-registration adult nurse education in a School of Health and Well-being in the UK Dr Vinette Cross
Priscilla Elad Observations, Race and Equality Dr Maria Tsouroufli (Academic Advisor)
Margaret Forrester Communities of practice for end of life care workplace settings: A case study Dr Linda Devlin
Fay Glendenning Does identity count? : Negotiating a new identity as a teacher of mathematics Dr Maria Tsouroufli
Patricia Green

Policy, Practice and Partnerships: the significance of accredited volunteering programmes

Pauline Anderson
Paul Gurton

Professional Doctorate in Education

Rosemary Hunt

Professional Doctorate in Education

Dr Zeta Brown (Academic Advisor)
Rachel Morgan-Guthrie Professional Suicide: A study of teachers’ perceptions of professionalism, self-efficacy and the relationships with research Dr Linda Devlin
Ruth Hare Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Steve Harris Exploring a Manager’s social construction of their identity within a teaching-orientated university Dr Vinette Cross
Barbara Hooker Narrative Inquiry into Teacher Identity: a challenge to instrumental reasoning Dr Rob Smith
Jayne Holt The role of the teacher in a digital education future Dr Andy Cramp
Lorraine Houlton Using Soft System methodology to identify the steps that are necessary to set up an International Branch Campus Dr Linda Devlin
Melanie Humphreys The Exploration through inquiry, of simulation practice within nurse education Prof Steve Bartlett
Farida Ibrahim Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Kara Johnson Using blogs to explore the personal, circumstantial and institutional factors which shape the experiences of adult learners in undertaking online undergraduate study Prof John Traxler
Graham Jones Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Ashwin Kalliath Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Helen Keane Early years, physical play and self-regulation, inquiry teaching in physical education, transition from the UK national curriculum to the international baccalaureate Dr Zeta Brown (Academic Advisor)
Catherine Lamond Young People Leaving Care: Plans, Challenges and Discourses Neil Duncan
Alexander Large Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Zoe Lewis To what extent does course choice influence HE route: a study of vocational versus academic education Compare why students have selected either BTEC or A level health small group comparison interviews. Why choose either A level or BTEC route? Prof Peter Lavender (Academic Advisors)
Catherine Lisseman Leadershipeducation/psychology education, effectiveness, validation, approach, outcomes Dr Maria Tsouroufli (Academic Advisor)
Carmen Miles Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Ani Murr Professional Doctorate in Education


Sherin Nassa What are the barriers to higher education for female students with disability e.g. dyslexia; autism? Prof Peter Lavender (Academic Advisors)
Louise Nickell Professional Doctorate in Education


Ismail Noriey Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Liam O'Connell Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Jonathan Palmer Exploring learning preferences to support boys in improving their fiction writing outcomes Prof Peter Lavender
Lee Palmer Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Hasumati Patel Making a difference through Family Language Learning: Signposting the way forward Dr Vinette Cross
Richard Probert Mental health and adult education Prof Peter Lavender (Academic Advisors)
Maxine Pryce Miller

The shape of learning in pre-registration nurse education: perceptions of self-direction in nurse educators and undergraduate nursing students

Dr Vinette Cross
Gavin Rhoades Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Lynn Richards Storying students’ ecologies of belonging: a participatory research study of the interface between ‘first generation’ students and the University Dr Linda Devlin
Steve Riley Professional Doctorate in Education Dr Andy Cramp (Academic Advisor)
Pritpal Sembi Staff Perceptions of Educational Technology in a West Midlands HEI

Prof Chris Hockings

Sara Smith Doing the Portfolio –  Pre-registration training for biomedical scientists and developing the capable practitioner Dr Jas Dhillon
Sean Starr Exploring the links between leadership behaviours and continuous improvement (CI) models in compulsory education Dr Subashini Suresh
Mohammed Sulemana Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Peter Taylor What choices do science teachers make about how to strategise their teaching to maximise their pupils’ understanding of key scientific concepts? Dr Mike Lambert
Helene Turley Journey from Student to Graduate to Employee: A comparison between Business Studies and Art and Design Students' Career Ambitions Dr Andy Cramp
Jasbir Uppal Educational data mining using Canvas. To understand how students respond to educational software, how these responses impact on their learning Prof John Traxler (Academic Advisor)
Debra Wale The feed-forward of student feedback to inform pedagogic improvements. Dr Neil Duncan
Tracey Wallis Great Expectations: A longitudinal study into how identity, professionalism and resilience in trainee teachers and NQTs are developed across the different routes of ITT Dr Linda Devlin
Anita Walton Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
Marion West A conversation analytic exploration of advice sequences in undergraduate supervision at a post-1992 university Dr Brendan Bartram
Joan Wheildon An exploratory study of staff preparedness and professional learning working as flying faculty delivering intensive transnational education programmes Dr Jas Dhillon
Julie Wilde With others, in word and deed, I am revealed: the beginning teacher a subject of action. A case study created of PGCE student teachers’ narratives exploring the diverse lived experience of beginning teachers in the further education (F.E) sector in England Dr Rob Smith
Byron Jon Williams Professional Doctorate in Education Pending
David Wise Analytic Autoethnography: one small step for reflective practice; one giant leap for a reflective practitioner. Prof Steve Bartlett
Jenny Worsley Exploring the reality of participation: negotiating self-identity on a part-time Foundation degree for teaching assistants Dr Andy Cramp