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Education Research

Welcome to the Institute of Education research pages. The Institute is host to a vibrant research culture whose subject areas span the entire spectrum of education, from early years to post-compulsory and adult learning.

We have a wealth of research expertise and our researchers are keen to work with partners and external bodies, as well as with internal stakeholders, to make a positive impact on the learning and well-being of our communities. As the University of Opportunity, we recognise the immense importance of research into educational issues and are committed to conducting research that illuminates local, national and international education issues and supports educational aspiration.

Research structure

Our research is led by four Professors, three Readers and the Faculty Head of Enterprise. All academic staff and postgraduate research students can find support for their research development and aspirations within the Institute. IOE Research meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month, 1-3 pm, and are open to all academics and PGR students. Education research is conducted within clusters of like-minded researchers; these groups meet regularly to generate and support research which aligns with Faculty and IOE education research objectives. The IOE runs a series of early evening seminars led by internal and external speakers to promulgate and support a culture of enquiry. All staff, students and partner organisations are welcome to attend these seminars.

Partner organisations are welcome to approach us via FEHWResearch@wlv.ac.uk to enquire about bespoke programmes of research support.

Research and development group

The Education Research Development Group is led by the professors and readers and supports staff to engage with research by advising on project bids, research design, writing up, etc. The group will run a programme of writing workshops, grant funding teach-ins, and participant-led meetings. The group will also provide a supportive mechanism to ensure that research and evidence is embedded within teaching in the Institute of Education.

Research study

The Institute of Education supports PhD and professional doctorate (EdD) study in education. Many of our supervisors are internationally renowned experts in their field. Students engage in a lively research culture and contribute to research conferences and clusters. 

Research clusters 

Our research clusters give an insight into the specialist areas of research in which our academic and research staff are currently engaged. These cluster are supported by senior researchers and professors in education. Please use the links below to explore our clusters:

Research centres

The Institute of Education is home to the IoE Research Centre. Please use the links below to explore current projects and see how they are having an impact on the education landscape on a local, national and international scale:

You can also view all research and enterprise activity in the Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing, including news and impact highlights.