Information for Sponsors

As part of the application process applicants are required to provide a sponsor. This sponsor will write a letter of support. The letter of support will serve two purposes. It will provide evidence that the sponsor is willing to support an applicant in their studies. It will also be an opportunity for the sponsor to provide a reference for the applicant.

Letter of Support (Incl. Reference)

Please ask your sponsor to email their letter of support to The subject heading must contain your full name. This letter must commit to supporting you through the course, providing the necessary funding (if appropriate) and the time to undertake relevant development activities. This letter of support should include a reference.  A suggested template for this letter can be found here.

NPQ Letter of Support and Reference University of Wolverhampton (Word doc 30k)

Reference Guidance

As part of the supporting letter, the sponsor should provide a short reference that substantiates the applicant’s readiness to embark upon an NPQ programme. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the sponsor, must inform the applicant that they are providing a reference and they have the right to view the reference, should they request to do so. The sponsor must not include any information that they would not be happy to discuss with the applicant as part of a professional conversation.