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CPD at Master's level

The Institute of Education is one of the country’s top providers of personal and professional development opportunities for educational organisations. The School has a strong and highly successful track record of delivering a wide range of good quality CPD activities,

All CPD activities have built-in opportunities to gain professional recognition, as well as relevant accreditation. Our programmes are designed to be innovative, flexible and delivered with a clear vision of the improved practice being sought. All CPD activities are linked to relevant standards, where appropriate and draw on current research and inspection evidence. More importantly, CPD activities will support you to develop subject and professional skills, knowledge and understanding that are practical, relevant and applicable to your current role or career aspirations in your school.

What is on offer?

We have on offer a range of award programmes, individual modules and unaccredited short courses relevant to individuals and organisations. The links between the CPD opportunities we offer and your individual career progression are made explicit at every stage, making the performance management processes in your organisation meaningful and relevant to you.

The Institute of Education uses three ‘shell’ modules to accredit CPD opportunities for school teachers that can lead to the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (60 credits at level 7) These modules are also offered as standalone.

Module Title:  Independent Study (20 credits at Level 7)    Module Code: 7ED013

Independent Study allows teachers to develop their own learning skills in their area of subject or expertise. Teachers will develop in-depth and systematic knowledge of key and recent educational research pertinent to their study. They will be able to negotiate outcomes and assessment components within module guidelines. Through support, participants will use critical reflection to explore complex relationships that exist between theory and practice.

Module Title:  Developing Professional Practice (20 credits at level 7) Module Code: 7ED020

This module requires teachers to undertake an audit of their professional practice (against the Teacher Standards) and create an action plan which outlines how they will address identified development areas. Teachers will be supported to undertake a critical reflection related to the learning identified on their action plans.

Module Title  : Action Research: Negotiated Study (20 credits at level 7) Module Code: 7ED014

This module provides an opportunity for practitioners in schools to undertake small scale action research with the support of a university tutor. The taught sessions provide some focussed input on research skills in the context of the specific studies negotiated.

Module Title: Leading Professional Learning in Education (20 credits) Module code: 7ED012

This module will enable established, new and aspiring leaders of professional learning to develop their capacity to create meaningful CPD experiences for/with their colleagues. This module is widely used to support NQT induction tutors and CPD co-ordinators in schools and other organisations

Module Title: Leading Change in Education (20 credits) Module code: 7ED008

This module aims to develop individuals with, or aspiring to have, a management and leadership role in education with the concepts and skills required to be able to lead a successful organisation.

Module Title: leading change in Pedagogy (20 credits) Module code: 7ED034

This module will explore theories of change and improvements in pedagogy. Participants will also be encouraged to explore their own principles and values that underpin such change, e.g. is all pedagogic change solely about improving academic outcomes? This will allow participants to critically engage with pedagogic innovations within their own subject or responsibilities within the education setting.

Module Title: Assessment and Learning (20 credits) Module code: 7ED019

The module aims to develop a critical understanding of the theories, principles and concepts that underpin assessment and  learning. Students will examine examples of assessment drawn from their own educational experience and identify strategies for enhancing learning and teaching.


Award - Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Special Education Needs (SEN) Co-ordination.

This award, comprising three modules (20 credits at Level 7) aims to ensure that SENCOs are able to provide leadership and professional guidance to colleagues about SEN and inclusion, through the completion of a Masters level qualification.  SENCOs are expected to work closely with parents and external agencies as well as staff and pupils, in order to promote person-centred, inclusive practice.

Module Title : Orientation and perspectives on SEN (20 credits at level 7) mModule code: 7ED004

This module focuses on the professional knowledge and understanding that SENCOs need in relation to the legislative context for SEN and theoretical concepts that underpin effective leadership and practice.

Module Title: Strengthening SEN Support (20 credits at level 7) Module code: 7ED009

This module aims to equip SENCOs with the expertise and capabilities they need to lead and co-ordinate provision effectively.

Module Title: Whole School Development (20 credits at level 7) Module code: 7ED011

This module comprises the personal and professional qualities that SENCOs need to make a positive impact on the ethos and culture in school and other settings.







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