Masters Programme

Pathways of Negotiated Learning

The Masters programme offered through AIM is focused on learning that occurs within one’s professional practice. Each individual’s programme is developed around individual, employer and sector needs, ensuring that learning is current, reflective and targeted.

The Practitioner identifies projects and activities with which they are engaged in their daily practice and they use that learning experience for assessment. The practitioner (Clinical Fellow), their Clinical Supervisor and the university course leader co-construct the negotiated learning experience. 

AIM Clinical Fellowship Programme (PDF 298K, Downloads file)

 This negotiated route leads to 4 tiers of attainment:

The Masters has 5 themes of progression:

Fellows can aspire to enter at any level and gradually build up their attainment using the suite of available Masters Modules, taking up one or more of the relevant modules as they progress through their careers and continuing professional development.

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