AIM Research

AIM is developing medical research in a variety of ways at the University of Wolverhampton, which will support our count at the next Research Excellence Framework in 2021. We offer the opportunity to undertake an academic approach to clinical medicine through higher level learning in evidence-based practice, clinical governance and clinical research methodology. The University conducts leading research in the medical sciences, including: neuro-oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, diabetes and immunology.

AIM will support you as you undertake research projects at Master’s, PhD (by publication) or post-doctorate MD levels (available from 2018/19). PHD studentships will be available to assist with research networks.

We recognise and promote active research groups that network under the University, drawing on its academic support mechanisms and attaining recognition. AIM will recognise this by conferring academic titles including professorial appointments on substantive/honorarium/visiting contracts. This will allow clinicians to work at one of our partnering NHS Trusts and be remunerated to conduct research, which contributes to the objectives and interests of both organisations.

To find out more, contact the Head of AIM Research Simon Dunmore: Email: Tel: 01902 321 128