Wolverhampton School of Art

Louise Ward, MA Design and Applied Arts

Louise completed her MA Design and Applied Arts in 2014 and has now set up her own glass studio and online retail business.

She has also been shortlisted for the Stanislav Libensky Award 2015, which means that she’ll be exhibiting her glass at ZIBA Glass Experience Museum in Prague, Czech Republic between 17 September 2015 and 31 December 2015.

The work she will exhibit there is the same piece that won her the Dean’s Prize of Excellence for Design and Applied Arts at the 2014 MA Degree Show.

The award attracts worldwide competition and 42 students/graduates are represented from 23 different countries. Louise is one of only four representatives from the UK in the prestigious competition.

Louise credits her time at Wolverhampton for helping her achieve such success so early in her career: “I have always had a love for mould-making and the facilities at the university allowed me to experiment with mould-making for glass. This allowed me to discover my passion for glass-making and Pate de Verre in particular.‌

“The staff, who are world-class glass artists themselves, provided expert knowledge, advice and support and pushed me every day to achieve my potential. Whilst the SPEED Plus project allowed me to go about turning my passion into a business (e.g. lessons on taxes, insurance, marketing etc.)

“My Great Grandfather was a mould maker Pre-WW1, although I didn't know this until halfway through my MA, therefore it has always been 'in my blood', an 'inherited passion’, but the University allowed me to realise this by helping me to develop the skills, knowledge and the expertise to pursue a career in something I truly love.‌

“My MA was truly the most incredible time of my life – I was a complete beginner in glass making at the beginning of my MA and winning the Dean's award made me realise you can achieve anything you want in this world with a lot of hard work and even more passion. An attitude that has stayed with me and is pushing me further in my career and achieving my dreams in the glass industry.

More details: www.louisewardglass.co.uk

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