Wolverhampton School of Art

Glass entrepreneur, Julie Anne Denton

Julie Anne Denton graduated from her Glass degree in 2000 and is now living her dream; making glass full-time. She demonstrates at Glass festivals worldwide, teaches courses in flame working and sandcasting all over Europe and creates artworks for galleries and museums.

We caught up with Julie to find out how it all started for her:‌

“My life changed after attending the Pilchuck Glass summer school in Seattle during my final year at University. A year later, following graduation, I then travelled back to the USA to take up a six month internship with Emilio Santini, my tutor from the summer school.

“After the apprenticeship, I set up my studio and continued to make work for shows and galleries.

Since then I’ve completed a year long residency at the Sayle Gallery in the Isle of Man, moved into an Artists Collective for four years and, in May 2009, relocated to Zurich, Switzerland to pursue my professional career in Glass. 

“Moving to Switzerland was the most exciting thing I have done in reference to my career, as it was a complete change in direction which could have made or broken my career. I am now doing well teaching across Europe and further afield, demonstrating at International glass festivals, working for designers replicating their ideas and making artwork for galleries and museums.”

Julie credits her time at the University of Wolverhampton for her current career path: “If it wasn't for the University of Wolverhampton I would not be following the career path I am on. I found that they nurtured me when I needed it; they were hard with me when it was necessary and they encouraged me to be the best that I could be.

“I enjoyed the freedom I was given to experiment during the first two years of my degree, and also the way the tutors gently moulded and honed my focus in the final year.”

Our congratulations go to Julie on what sounds like an incredible journey doing what she loves. For further information, you can visit: www.JulieAnneDenton.com