Wolverhampton School of Art

Henry Langston, BA (Hons) Photography

Henry graduated from Photography in 2009 and is now working as a host/producer on the video team for Vice News in London.

Vice News highlight under-reported stories from around the globe both in editorial and video formats.

Henry began his career with an internship at Vice.com in 2010, following his internship he began working as a freelance photojournalist for Vice and Rex photo agency, selling images to the Guardian, Independent, NME and others. Then in 2012 he was hired as news editor for the website, where he commissioned news reports and features from across the globe as well as reporting and making films himself.

Since then Henry has made the move to Vice News which is a separate platform which focuses solely on news where he hosts and produces news dispatches and documentaries as well as writing and photographing. The main focus of his role is on conflict areas such as protests and revolutions to armed conflicts such as the war in East Ukraine and the ongoing fight against ISIS.

He recently interviewed for Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, you can view the clip here.

Henry credits his time after university, where he spent time photographing the English Defence League (EDL) across the UK and then travelling to Israel/Palestine to document the separation barrier and protests against it, as crucial to getting his current role as it enabled him to build up a diverse and interesting portfolio of work.

He says: “The strong work ethic and encouragement to think outside the box championed by my lecturers at Wolverhampton allowed me to push myself and not be afraid to travel in order to make my work stand out. Without this there is no way I would've felt comfortable enough to photograph the things that got my portfolio noticed and ultimately set myself on the path I have found myself today.

“The best part of my job now is getting to cover a developing story such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where you have no idea what you might be filming the next day, filming and editing short dispatches from the field and giving our audience an in-depth look at current events in an engrossing and contextual format.”

And the best part of studying at the University of Wolverhampton for Henry?

“Despite no longer working in film, I really enjoyed working in the dark room and getting to develop my own work, it was often tough but always rewarding. I picked a photography course as I wanted to learn something new at university, rather than study something I was already good at or had experience with and so I always enjoyed learning about photographers and the different styles of photography from its inception. I knew very little to begin with so I always felt like I was learning.”

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