Wolverhampton School of Art

Brodie Weatherill, BA (Hons) Photography

Photography graduate Brodie graduated in September 2015 and already finds herself with a fantastic new job doing what she loves. We caught up with her to find out more:

Tell us about your new job?

My current job is an in-house photographer for a photography agency called Kalory Photo & Video. My main duties are travelling around the UK photographing people for WatchPro and Professional Jeweller Magazines, liaising with clients about the brief, making them feel comfortable in front of the camera and coming up with new ideas for upcoming studio shoots.

How did you find a job so soon after graduating?

Throughout my last few months of university I was constantly applying for jobs within the photography industry. I wanted to move to London so that was the main place I was looking at. I finally got an interview for a photography agency just before my final hand in and I got it. So as soon as I handed in my final module I moved straight down to London. Since then I have been working with the same company, travelling around the UK photographing images of people for magazine briefs.

What's the best thing about your job? 

The thing I like most about my job is traveling and meeting new people. I’ve been to places with my job that I would have never gone to on my own terms so that’s really fun. Also as we’re a small company, putting my own artistic flare onto the images is a lot easier. It’s nice to turn up to a shoot and play around with ideas to see which works best.

Do you think studying at Wolverhampton has helped kickstart your career?  

Without the University of Wolverhampton I wouldn’t have gained as much experience as I have! They gave me opportunities which look really good on my CV; including working at The Photography Show the last two years. Last year I did a live shoot on the catwalk stage which required me talking to an audience of photographers about my brief for Billingham Bags. I worked closely with Fashion and Textiles too, and my images for them got chosen for Clothes Show Live 2014 over other students in my group.
The University careers service was also an incredible help; I found going to careers guidance meetings with them really helped me. They talked me through interview processes and looked at job roles in London.

What for you was the best part of studying at Wolverhampton?  

For me working at The Photography Show the past two years were the most memorable times at University. Being surrounded by likeminded people was really motivating, and i learned so much from people within the industry. I am now friends with a lot of them and am still gaining knowledge. One thing I think a lot of people in my year enjoyed was our ‘Tank and Tripod’ room on our photography floor. We got to sit down with lecturers or each other and have small discussions on our work. This meant we wouldn’t be going home straight after lecturers, we’d stay, have a cup of tea and carry on learning. It was great.