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Students take part in Acts of Making festival

‌Students take part in Acts of Making festivalacts of making festival

A number of Applied Arts students took part in a series of events as part of the Acts of Making festival at Bilston Craft Gallery and in some more unusual spaces across town.

Acts of Making was a two-week festival celebrating contemporary craft through performances, live installations and workshops.

Five applied arts students took part in performance based art work with internationally recognised ceramic artist Clare Twomey. In the piece, Is it Madness. Is it Beauty, 500 unfired clay pots will be repeatedly filled with water, leading to their gradual disintegration and loss of function. Twomey’s piece was a comment on the futility of human action.

The students had a day of training with Clare and performed the work over a week at Bilston Craft Gallery. 

Other students helped out with other workshops including Mah Rana’s workshops at two locations in Wolverhampton, a children’s craft workshop at Bilston Craft Gallery and a performance involving scooterists from Bilston and Wolverhampton.  . 

All 19 second-year applied arts students exhibited work in an exhibition entitled 'Mysteries' at the Lighthouse Media Centre in Wolverhampton and subsequently 4 have been selected to exhibit work in April at the Science Park in Wolverhampton. 

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