Wolverhampton School of Art

School get involved with the City’s Big Ceramics!

Applied Arts lecturer, Gwen Heeney, is one of eight ceramicists exhibiting her work as part of Big Ceramics, an exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery running until May this year.

The ceramicists show how they use clay to create ambitious objects on a monumental scale. Gwen also has a pop-up studio at the gallery as part of the exhibition where she demonstrates and shows the way she works, along with a presentation of her previous works.

Gwen is a ceramic artist, who, for the last twenty five years has been working closely with a number of brick factories producing site-specific commissions.

She uses a traditional low-tech method of carving unfired brick that enables her to make monumental sculptural structures. This involves stacking bricks into a shape slightly larger than the proposed design, then carving out the form using a variety of basic hand tools.  The piece is then dismantled and each brick numbered, before they are dried then fired. Finally the design is re-assembled on site using mortar to join the bricks. Heeney’s finished works often have an organic curving profile that belies the rectangular bricks that were her starting point.

More details: www.gwenheeneybricksculptor.com




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