Wolverhampton School of Art

Lecturer's Athens Exhibition

Senior lecturer in Photography, Euripides Altintzoglou, recently presented a solo exhibition of his work, titled Grand Detour, at Beton7 Gallery, one of Athens’ leading Galleries.

Euripides, who previously exhibited at the gallery in 2011 (Reversible) and curated a show of British artists in 2013 (The Ends of Art), returnedwith a new group of works that engage with a range of issues related to the crisis of late capitalism.

The collection of works does not simply address socio-economic phenomena and their effects but attempts to stimulate the generation of new forms of political agency. True to the avant-garde ethos Euripides’ methods draw from the radical approaches of Situationism, while he breaks new ground by using ‘theft’ objects as a creative mode of production.

‌Euripides told us: “the exhibition included a lot of visually ‘interesting’ works that critically engage with political issues through a Pop Art aesthetic such as machine gun bullets cast out of chocolate, an official street sign that misspells ‘Aphrodite’ (Avrodite), gummy bears cast out putter, appropriated Greek flags, little monuments of consumption out of rotten teeth, etc.”


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