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Illustrator's map to success

Illustrator Michael A. Hill started his artistic career in 1980 when he studied the Foundation course at the university.

Following his studies he worked as a graphic designer before moving into the freelance illustration business.

"I have now been an illustrator for thirty years," Michael told us. "My work has developed as technology and the publishing industry have changed, and I’ve been fortunate to see a growing fashion for illustration."

These days the bulk of his commissions are hand-painted bespoke maps for both commercial and private clients. "I’ve been all over the world without leaving my desk," he said from his studio in London. Amongst his clients are Vogue, Tatler, The Telegraph and Taschen. He has a US agent who handles his American commissions. Right now he is busy with projects for magazines in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Chicago. He also has private commissions for Christmas, and a property map for the National Trust. 

He credits his time at Wolverhampton for giving him the confidence to experiment in his work, and to enjoy the creative process itself: "Studying at Wolverhampton helped me find a career that I still enjoy today," Michael says. 
A few examples of Michael’s work are below and you can see more at his websites www.michaelahill.com and www.mapsillustrated.com.
More information about studying Illustration and Graphic Design at the university. 

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