Wolverhampton School of Art

Alumni showcased in photography exhibition and exchange

Photography graduate David Shepherd, is taking part in the 5 Plus 5 exhibition in Madrid.

5 PLUS 5 showcases the work of ten emerging photographic artists; five photographers who are based in the Midlands and five who are based in Madrid.

The projects shown in this exhibition orbit around themes such as memory, identity, space, the human condition and eternal subjects in the field of photographic creation. All the emerging practitioners selected to take part in this exhibition exchange use highly contemporary language and represent a new generation of globally connected artists that use the camera as one of many technological tools for image creation.

David’s work, Discarded, merges photography with both archaeology and performance: The series depicts a selection of metallic objects that were recovered, using a length of rope and a powerful magnet, from a stretch of canal in the Black Country; a name given to a vast area of the West Midlands, which was said to be dense with thick smog throughout the Industrial Revolution. By presenting and photographing them in such a manner, Shepherd hopes to provoke the viewer into questioning the origins of each object; their former uses and how it was they came to be discarded.

5 plus 5 will be exhibited at the Altamira Palace Gallery, IED Madrid in November 2014 and at The Photographers’ Wall, Library of Birmingham in Spring 2015.

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