Wolverhampton School of Art

Alumni craft maker exhibits at Kew craft show

MA Design and Applied Arts alumni Laura Murphy exhibited at Handmade at Kew earlier this month.

The international contemporary craft show, in collaboration with ARTSTHREAD, was held at the picturesque gardens at Kew and showcased exceptional and innovative British and international craftsmanship.

Laura is a craft maker who specialises in slip-cast parian which allows her to create exceptionally thin and translucent pieces. She was one of 18 artists chosen by ARTSTHREAD.

She describes her work: “I am intrigued by creating translucent, delicate objects that retain an inner strength through both structure and material. I work in slip-cast parian clay, finding myself entranced by the tactile quality of the finished surface whilst savouring the luminescent glow created as it interacts with light. It conjures the optimistic feeling that steals over me upon catching an elusive ray of sunlight flowing over a rippling field of wheat.

“My recent work has evolved from research into Seasonal Affective Disorder and light therapy, focusing on the positive effects natural light can have on the human body, both in terms of physical and emotional well-being. Parallels between the effects of sunlight on humans and plantlife provide a wonderful symmetry between design and intention.”‌

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