Staff at the Faculty of Arts

Dean and the Dean’s Advisory Group

NameJob Title
Dr John Pymm Dean of the Faculty of Arts
Professor Dew Harrison Chair of the Faculty Professoriate
Dr Andy Cooper Associate Dean (Student Experience)
Sam Hope Associate Dean (Enterprise, Knowledge Transfer and Research)
Associate Dean (Quality & Partnerships)
Deputy Head of School of Media
Claire Dunn
Faculty Registrar


NameJob Title
Professor Dariusz Galasinski Discourse and Cultural Studies
English Literature
Professor Fiona Hackney Fashion Theory
Professor Dew Harrison Director of CADRE Research Centre - Chair of the Faculty Professoriate
Professor Yiannis Koutedakis Applied Physiology
Professor Ruslan Mitkov Director of the Research Institute for Linguistics & Information Processing
Professor Kristina Niedderer Design & Craft
Professor Ross Prior Learning & Teaching in the Arts in HE
Professor John Roberts Art & Aesthetics
Professor Matt Wyon Dance Science


NameJob Title
Visual Communications
English Literature
Philosophy and Cultural Politics
Discourse and Social Anthropology
Film and Television Studies
Moving Image
English Literature and Pedagogy
Screen Studies

Teaching Staff:

Support Roles:

NameJob Title
Student Advisors:
Belinda Smith Student Advisor
Kathleen (Kit) Rennie Student Advisor
Academic Support Administrators:
Clare Jackaman Wolverhampton Sch. of Art
Natasha Bloomfield Sch. of Humanities
Julie Green Sch. of Media
Eileen Matthews Sch. of Performing Arts
Jennifer Cheetham Sch. of Performing Arts
Julie Capewell Academic Support Administrator
Arena Theatre: 
Sam Fleming Marketing Officer
Rachel Mosses Front of House Managers
Kirsty Povey Front of House Managers
Jonathan Arnold Box Office Assistant
Shaun Hartman Box Office Assistant
Fran Richards Artsfest Co-ordinator

Technician Support:

NameJob Title
Darren Hillman Technical Resources Manager
3D Technician Team:
Mark Bath Principal Technician
Simon Eccles Glass
Sara Squire Glass
Philippa Gittings Ceramics
Fiona Griffiths Fashion
Lynn Stokes Fashion
Tom Hand 3D
Bryn Richardson WMP
Sarah Webberley Textiles
Robert Moore Manual Worker
IT Technician Team:
Martin Evans Principal Technician
Amo Jandu IT
Vinod Govindbhai IT
Julian Gwinnett IT
Karen Mills Video
Tim Baker Equipment Store
Print Technician Team
Jim Abernethy Principal Technician, Print
Dan Collins Photography
Andrew Roberts Print
Onkar Dhaliwal Senior Technician
Kathryn Partington Textile Print & WMP (Metals)
Arena Theatre Team:
Stephen Payne Senior Technician
Drew White Theatre Technician
Joanne Marshall Assistant Technician
Performing Arts Team:
Pete Bridges Acting Principal Technician, Drama
Joe Geoghan Music
Andrew Lowe Music/Sound
Pat Tulloch Dance
Media Team:
Louise Ranford Principal Technician
Melissa Cook Senior Technician
Christopher Greensil Senior Technician
Nick Vaughan Senior Technician