Careers in Music

There are many careers and job options for music and popular music graduates.

The study of music fosters the development of a number of transferable skills, such as working in a group, and skills in communication and information technology.

A number of our former students have gone on to become teachers, or have embarked on other careers such as performing,  arts administration and music therapy.

Students also choose to go onto postgraduate study.

Music Industry

The music industry is broad in scope and encompasses retail, wholesale, manufacturing, importing, exporting, publishing, recording, repair and rebuilding, tuning and other businesses.

People who are successful in the music industry usually have training in both music and business.

Many new businesses have grown out of recent developments in technology and computers.

Recording Industry

The recording industry is huge, covering independent labels as well as the major recording labels.

Technical jobs entail the actual studio work of recording, producing and mastering the music.

Career opportunities in this field are vast, from to production to roles such as administration covering the promotion, research and budgeting of the industry.

Then there are jobs connected to sales and merchandise, and the jobs involving contracts and legal issues.

Music Therapy

Music therapists use music to accomplish therapeutic aims: the restoration, maintenance and improvement of mental and physical health.

Music therapists can be found at hospitals, treatment centres, nursing homes, hospices, rehabilitation centres, prisons and mental health clinics.

Community arts Work

Community arts workers work with a wide range of groups using artistic activities to support development and quality of life.

Some community arts work will be concerned with the promotion of arts in the community often through working with young people out of school hours.

Other types of roles in this field may be more administrative, strategic or managerial, working for local government, arts organisations or charities.  

Musical skills can be very useful for a career in community arts work.


Performance includes playing music of all types.

If you are just getting started it may be worth it to do some volunteer or low paid 'gigs' for experience.

 Research the performance options in your own community, read the local newspapers calendar sections, and look for the entertainment listings on the web for your town, city and region.

Music Journalism

Careers in journalism are a unique combination of journalistic skills and musical talent.

Music critics views are published daily, often providing quotations to be used as publicity for performing artists.

They affect their audience both indirectly and directly.

Indirectly, by determining which artists will survive in the performance media and will therefore be available for the public to choose from, and directly, by influencing the choices the public makes, its understanding of performances and its reactions to them.