Professor Yiannis Koutedakis

Professor of Applied Physiology

YK 2
Email address: Phone number: 01902 322898 Location: The Performance Hub Faculty: Faculty of Arts School/Institute: - School of Performing Arts Areas of expertise: health-related fitness


Sport & Dance

He has attended many national-, international- and world-level championships and Olympic Games as competitor, professional coach/trainer, and/or scientific advisor. He has been professional National Rowing Coach for Greece (1979-1981) and UK (1985-1987), an elite dancer (1969-1980) and professional dance teacher (1982-1985).

Exercise Physiology & Scientific Consultancy

He was one of the founders of the British Olympic Medical Centre (Northwick Park Hospital, London), where he introduced a number of new training and fitness assessment techniques to many Olympic squads, including rowing, canoeing, and gymnastics, as well as to professional dancers. He has also been physical fitness advisor to Olympic squads, professional dance companies, professional soccer clubs and independent individuals both in the UK and overseas. Principally involved in the setting-up of health & exercise-physiology laboratories for Wolverhampton University, UK (1992), Pakistani Navy (Islamabad, 1994), Thessaly University, Greece (1998) and Institute of Human Performance & Rehabil., Greece (2006). 

Academic & Research

He is - or has been - a visiting/guest lecturer at the London Contemporary Dance School and the English National Ballet School, external examiner in several European Universities, and author of the World’s first university-based MSc courses in “Dance Science” (Wolverhampton University, UK, 2002) and in “Military Fitness and Wellbeing” (Thessaly University, Greece, 2013). In addition, he has primarily been involved in the setting up the first Greek university-based MSc in “Exercise and Health” (Thessaly University, 2005). Parts of his published work has been adopted by reputable agencies, such as the European Commission, Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General (2009), the WHO Collaborating Centre for Housing and Health (2010), the Scottish NHS (2011), the British Heart Foundation (2012), the South African Thoracic Society (2013), the US Surgeon’s General Report (2014), US Department of Health & Human Services (2015), the UK Society for the Study of Addiction (2016), and the European League Against Rheumatism (2016). Parts of his work have also been used by Wikipedia to describe terms such as ‘euphoria’, ‘overtraining’, ‘passive smoking’ and ‘physical exercise’. His academic and research profile is summarised below:

Items Number

Book 1

Book Chapters 12

Articles in Refereed Journals 198

Abstracts in Refereed Journals 81

Articles in Professional Journals/Magazines 61

Conference Presentations 311

Invitations for Lectures/Papers 241

Google Scholar citations ~7610

Google Scholar h-Index 50

Total Impact Factor of Publications (2015) ~ 565

Research interests

His research focuses on physical fitness and health and – inter alia – he has led research into athletes' & dancers' fitness and welfare commissioned by the British Olympic Association & Dance UK, respectively. He also works on elements of health and quality of life in different populations, including passive smokers, obese individuals, and rheumatoid arthritis patients.


  • PhD: Birmingham University; Department of Sports Sciences, UK.
  • MA: Birmingham University; Department of Phys. Education, UK.
  • BSc: Thessaloniki University; Nat. Acad. of Physic. Educ., Greece.


Publications only for the last 3 years (2014-2016)

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