Musical Theatre students go International

‌Musical Theatre students had a taste of ‘la vita bella’ in June.

Students from all levels of the course took part in a performance tour to Northern Italy. The week was packed full of activities including visits to Bologna, Lake Garda and, of course, Venice.

Musical Theatre students go InternationalWhilst visiting the sights, students also had the opportunity to perform in different venues, including the outdoor arena in Garda.

 The extra-curricular trip was organised by course leader, Sarah Browne and proved to be a popular destination amongst the students; ‘Performing in different venues is an essential part of theatre training. The opportunity for students to perform in different countries is eve‌n more invaluable’.‌‌

The picture on the right shows students performing in the outdoor arena in Garda.

The picture below shows students on the waterbus return from Venice.Musical Theatre students go International waterbus

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