Senior Lecturer Candi Miller

Senior Lectuer in Creative & Professional Writing

Candi Miller
Email address: Phone number: 01902 323470 Location: MC334 Faculty: Faculty of Arts School/Institute: School of Humanities Areas of expertise: San culture; folktales; issues around digitising indigenous knowledge; fictocriticism for academic discourse; creative writing, novels, short stories


Candi Miller was born in Zambia and brought up in South Africa. She has worked as a journalist and advertising copywriter both here and abroad. In 1994 she undertook an expedition to the Kalahari Desert to visit groups of San (Bushman) people. There she was caught up in a huge veld fire, charged by a bull elephant and enchanted by Ju/‘hoansi story-telling around a campfire. Her ethnologically-informed novels, Salt and Honey and Kalahari Passage are situated in the arid African world she is passionate about.

Research interests

  • Currently researching a new novel and exploring the use of ficto-criticism as a way to make academic discourse less exclusive.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy,
  • Society of Authors,
  • English Association,
  • National Association of Writers in Education,
  • Writers' Network, Writing West Midlands,
  • Writing West Midlands Higher Education Network.


  • Bachelor of Journalism, Rhodes University, South Africa,
  • MA (Novel-writing) University of Manchester, UK,
  • PGCHE , University of Wolverhampton, UK.


In Translation:

  • Tochter der Kalahari (German edition of Salt & Honey): Tochter der Kalahari: Roman (German Edition)
  • Le Siel et Le Miel (French edition of Salt & Honey)
  • Sale e Miele (Italian edition of Salt & Honey)
  • When Sally Met Harry: a fictocritique on the use of tablet readers for indigenous knowledge transfer” in The Tablet Book. eds. Bassett, Burns, Glasson & O’Riordon. Falmer: REFRAME Books, 2015. 231 p. ISBN 978-0-9931996-1-5:
  • Kalahari Passage (2012) Tindal Street Press:
  • Salt & Honey (2006) Legend Press:
  • Salt and Honey (2011) Tindal Street Press:
  • In Translation:
  • Tochter der Kalahari (German edition of Salt & Honey),
  • Tochter der Kalahari: Roman (German edition),
  • Le Siel et Le Miel (French edition of Salt & Honey),
  • Sale e Miele (Italian edition of Salt & Honey).
  • Articles:
  • “Nelson Mandela and Me” The Guardian, HE Lives:
  • Journal article: “I will crack open a story to tell you”,
  • Writing in Education, Issue no 55, Nov 2011 (National Association of Writers in Education magazine),
  • Magazine article: “Undercover” new books, Issue 65, Sep/Oct 2011,
  • Contribution: “Online Workshops and Discussion Forums in the Creative Writing Classroom” in Online Discussion in English Studies, HEA, ESC Report Series, No 21 Miller, C, & Pieterick, J. n R. Miles, B. Colbert and F. Wilson (eds),
  • A Guide to Good Practice in the Use of VLE Discussion Forums in English Studies (HEA English Subject Centre Report Series, 2010)
  • "Walking on Ostrich Eggshells" a chapter in 'At the Intersection of Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge and Technology Design', eds. Nicola Bidwell, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus
  • Informing Science 2015,
  • "When Sally Met Harry: a ficto-critique on the use of tablet readers for Indigenous Knowledge transfer" a chapter in 'The Tablet Book', eds. Caroline Bassett, Ryan Burns, Russell Glasson and Kate O’Riordan. Reframe, University of Sussex, 2015.

Experience in industry

Candi Miller has always earned a living from writing: as a journalist, advertising copywriter, in marketing, novel-writing and now as a teacher of creative and professional writing.


Further information

Public Appearances

  • Speaker, Black History month event, Students’ Union, Uni of WLV, Oct 2012,
  • Speaker, International Students’ Festival, Uni of WLV, 2011,
  • Panellist, Writers’ Teaching in Higher Education, Writing West Midlands event, Nov 2011,
  • Burton Library Book group; Penn Readers’ group, Mar 2012,
  • Birmingham Arts Fest, Sep, 2011,
  • Book launch event, Waterstones, Birmingham, Sep 2011,
  • Live Lit. on Campus, Uni of WLV, Sep 2011,
  • City Voices, Sep 2011,
  • Tutor at ‘Documenting Now: the Stories of  our Lives’ workshop run by the Kalahari Peoples’ Network, Aug 2011, in South Africa,
  • Panellist at Getting Published seminar, Birmingham City Library, Jul 2011,
  • City Voices – Jan 2010,
  • Stourbridge Readers’ Group, Feb 2010, A talk on my Ju/’hoansi research,
  • Speaker/reader, London Libraries event, Fulham, Jul 2009,
  • Black History Month conference, Uni of WLV - Oct 2009,
  • Females Writes, Panellist at Write to Ignite, Hackney Word Festival, London, Sep 2009,
  • Black History month event at Dudley Library, Oct 2008,
  • Keynote speaker at The West Midlands Gifted & Talented Partnership Course for Schools, 2008/9,
  • Panellist, ‘Teaching Creative Writing’ The Writer’s Toolkit: A Conference for the Writing Industry, Birmingham Book Festival, South Birmingham College, 18 Oct 2008.

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