Expert shares insights into running science

Expertise from a University of Wolverhampton professor is featured in a new book focused on the science of running.

Sports psychologist Professor Andy Lane looks at questions such as: How do I control anxiety?, how do I use music to improve my running?, what should runners concentrate on? and is fatigue mental or physical?

The book, titled Running Science, also features leading exercise scientist Charlie Pedlar, a former University of Wolverhampton student who is now at Harvard.

Professor Lane said: “The running book is a great read. It’s aimed at runners, not academics or students, but runners. We have made the science accessible and so after reading, runners will benefit from the latest sports science. It was a real challenge to do but one that is worth doing. We hope the book has real value.”

Running Science – Optimising Training and Performance is edited by Professor John Brewer and published by Ivy Press this month.

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Pic: Professor Andy Lane

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Date Issued: Monday, 26 June 2017

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