Wolverhampton academic to feature in BBC documentary

A University of Wolverhampton war studies expert is to feature in a BBC documentary about the Gallipoli Campaign.Stephen Badsey, Professor of Conflict Studies

Stephen Badsey, Professor of Conflict Studies, will feature in the hour long documentary due to air on BBC2 on Saturday, 25 April at 8.30pm.

The documentary, titled “Gallipoli: When Murdoch Went to War”, will focus on the involvement of Rupert Murdoch’s father, Keith Murdoch,  in the Gallipoli Campaign with the historic letters that may have led to the evasion of the military censor of Gallipoli.

Professor Badsey was invited to take part and give insight into the media and propaganda aspects of the story.

Professor Badsey said: “Saturday, 25 April is the 100th anniversary of the First World War landings at Gallipoli; there is a famous story about the involvement in the Gallipoli campaign of Rupert Murdoch’s father, Keith Murdoch, who founded the family newspaper empire.

“I was interviewed on the media and propaganda aspects of the story, and the broad strategy, as well as how important a role in events Keith Murdoch and the press in general had in the decision to end the campaign.

“In contrast to the strict military control of the press on the Western Front, the Gallipoli campaign was an episode in the First World War in which generals and war reporters believed that they understood each other, and both ended up feeling betrayed by the experience."

The programme will also feature interviews with Rupert Murdoch, Sir Max Hastings, Sir Hew Strachan and other experts.

It will document the findings and investigation into the story alongside acted depictions of events that happened during the time.


For more information please contact Iyma Atiq in the Media Relations Office on 01902 32 2448. 

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