Dance science expert comments on Denise van Outen’s whiplash injury

Strictly Come Dancing’s Denise Van Outen has suffered a whiplash injury in training and has been described as “touch and go” for Saturday night’s show.

Professor Matthew Wyon is an expert in dance science and explains this type of injury is more nidmsprevalent in amateur dancers as they have not the strength and muscular endurance in the small neck muscles.

He says: “The female dancer’s technique in Latin Ballroom dance involves rapid and continuous moving of the head.

“While dancing, some female dancers are unable to maintain this level of activity, which causes these muscles to fatigue and give way. This is especially true in dances where the dancers are moving quickly, such as the Jive, as well as rotating as seen in the Viennese Waltz.

“This type of injury is more prevalent in amateur dancers as they have not developed the strength and muscular endurance in these small neck muscles.

“These muscles are not used to being in this position for prolonged periods and are therefore prone to fatigue and eventually “give way” leading to the injury suffered by Denise Van Outen.”

Professor Matthew Wyon is a Professor in Dance Science at University of Wolverhampton which is a partner in the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science. One of the topics currently under study by his team is the incidence and possible solutions to reduce the risks of this injury in ballroom dancers.


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