University to host international landscape ecology conference

The University’s Department of Biology, Geography and the Environment is hosting the annual International Association for Landscape Ecology UK conference from Tuesday, 6 to 8 September 2011.

The event will include workshops and discussions as well as field visits to the Long Mynd and the Black Country.

Senior Lecturer in the School of Applied Sciences, Dr Christopher Young, said: “This year's theme is Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Services which refers to identifying the range of services, such as flood alleviation, that different landscapes provide but which might be difficult to quantify.

“The topics covered are wide-ranging, and include everything from the recycling services provided by South Africa’s animal scavengers to an economic valuation of greenspace in Birmingham and the Black Country and the role of green roofs in urban landscapes.”

Delegates include experts from the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


For more information please contact Vickie Warren in the Media Relations Office on 01902 322736

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