University committed to improving access and success in higher education

Data published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) for 2009/10 shows the University is 8.5 percentage points above its benchmark figure for recruiting undergraduate students from under-represented groups in low participation neighbourhoods. The University has improved the retention rate for this group by 2.9 percentage points since 2008/9.

The University has also had the best retention rate for full time degree students in 10 years and is 6 percentage points above the benchmark for its part time students.

The University has seen a significant increase in part time undergraduate students in receipt of Disability Students Allowance, from 0.1% in 2000 compared to 3% in 2009/10.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline Gipps, said: “We are committed to providing a high standard of education for all our students, and are pleased that our latest figures reflect our efforts to enhance access and success rates for people from a wide range of backgrounds.”

HESA’s performance indicators are designed to provide information on the nature and performance of the higher education sector in the UK.

Each university has a benchmark, which is an adjusted average based on the characteristics of each institution. Benchmarks are adjusted according to the subject mix offered, age profile of students and qualifications of students on entry. The benchmarks are not government targets or quotas.


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