Cyberspace warning from student

Matthew Preston, of Penkridge, Staffordshire, is one of three winners of a poster contest organised by the children’s charity Kidscape.

Two of his posters were selected and are due to be published this week to coincide with national Anti-Bullying Week.

The posters will be part of Kidscape’s publications list, which are a much-used resource for schools and other organisations.

Matthew, 23, has completed a BA (Hons) Graphic Communication degree at the University’s School of Art & Design

He said: “I am absolutely astounded at the amount of publicity the posters are getting and the discussion raised. They have been featured on Sky News, as well as being sold in vast quantities. It couldn’t go to a more deserving charity, I wish them all the best in their campaign.”

Claude Knights, director of Kidscape, said: “We were immediately struck by the appealing graphics and the clarity of the message. We knew that young designers would know exactly what to do with the challenge of warning against cyber-bullying. Though his poster that includes the image of a noose is strong, it has been extremely effective in provoking discussion of internet safety.”

The posters can be seen, and ordered, at, or

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Picture: Matthew’s posters to warn about the dangers of cyberspace

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