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Professor Robert Newman, Associate Dean at the School of Computing and IT, will present the next public lecture on Wednesday, 4 February at 6pm.
The lecture is titled ‘Pervasive and Persuasive: applying computer science to the challenges of the world today’, and will take place in Millennium City Building Lecture Theatre.
Professor Newman, who is a Professor of Computer Science at the University, said: “This is the age of pervasive computing, in which virtually every produce and service we use has been designed using computers, and depends on computer technology for its very operation. However, in areas removed from the products we use every day, computers are no less vital. Microcomputers can be used in continuous monitoring of the environment, as well as transport and production systems, and provide direct access to information about the natural and human world.
“This new ‘internet of things’ will require the design of software systems larger and more complex than any previously achieved. Here at the University of Wolverhampton, we are establishing ourselves at the forefront of the West Midlands region for design and deployment of large environmental monitoring systems.”
The public lecture series is organised by the Graduate School. For more information, please contact Huma Mumtaz on 01902 32 3344 or visit

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