Another side of Paul

 Paul Brighton

Paul selected Oasis, Stone Roses and Urban Cookie Collective among his eclectic choices on BBC WM’s Desert Island Discs-style show “Another Side Of….”

He spoke about his career in broadcasting and how he had always wanted to lecture and was thrilled to get the opportunity to do so.

Paul, whose extensive broadcast roles included Beacon Radio and the BBC, worked with Ed for many years. He reminisced about his radio days, when he used to present WM’s Drivetime Show

He told how he had progressed with his lecturing since joining the University of Wolverhampton over five years ago, and had never thought until now that he would love a job as much as Drivetime until now.

He also talked about the democratisation of the media, how broadcasting has been transformed by email and text messages and the influence of reality television.

Paul grew up in Wolverhampton and seized the opportunity to return to his home city to lecture after working in Oxfordshire. Appropriately, one of his chosen tracks was ‘Hometown Glory’ by Brit-nominee Adele.

The show went out on Sunday February 8 and can be heard on ‘listen again’. It will also be repeated on February 13.

Listen to the show via the BBC iPlayer

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