New research into languages

The work by a consortium of universities will be used to inform the development of a long-term strategy for high quality delivery of world languages in schools in England.

Language Networks for Excellence at the University is part of the consortium taking part in the two-year project, which has been commissioned by the Training and Development Agency (TDA).

The other partners involved are the Institute of Education, University of London with the University of Sheffield Department of Educational Studies and the Association for Language Learning (ALL).

Dr. Henriette Harnisch, Director of Language Networks for Excellence, said: ‘’We are delighted to be part of this consortium. It is a once in a generation opportunity to improve teacher training and education across all languages.’’

The aim of the project is to have a positive and permanent impact on the field of language teaching.

It is hoped the project will enable language departments to effectively support and develop teaching and non-teaching staff of all languages and schools will be able to offer world languages that the market demands in a creative and integrated way.

Further information

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