New challenges ahead for gamers

Professor Qasim Mehdi will present the talk on Wednesday, 9 December at the Wolverhampton City Campus.

The lecture, titled Building Intelligence: Autonomous Characters in Virtual Environments, will take place in MC001 in the Millennium City Building at 6pm.

Professor Mehdi, from the School of Computing and Information Technology, said: “This talk aims to shed some light on the current research and techniques that can be employed in the creation of challenging and sophisticated characters in interactive multimedia applications, such as computer games.”

The lecture will look at how non-player characters (NPCs) need to display intelligent behaviour to provide an entertaining challenge for the player. The NPCs are controlled by the computer and lack the ability to adapt to new situations, making them seem less convincing. The talk will also look at the techniques employed to create autonomous artificial intelligent characters.

Qasim Mehdi is Professor in Computer Games and Interactive Digital Media at the University of Wolverhampton. He is also the founder of the annual Game-On Conference (known as CGAMES).

For more information about the Public Lecture series, visit or email, or call 01902 323317.

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