Student satisfaction increases at University

The results of the fifth National Student Survey reveal an overall satisfaction rate at Wolverhampton of 78%, compared to 76% last year.

Satisfaction with the learning resources was above the national average at the University, with 84% of students saying they were satisfied compared to the national average of 80%. The University also maintained a high satisfaction rate for access to IT facilities, with 90% of students saying they could access facilities whenever they needed to.

In addition, 80% of students reported that they were satisfied with the teaching on their course.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Affairs, Jane Nelson, said: “The University is delighted with its improving performance in this year’s survey.  The National Student Survey is an important indicator of student satisfaction and the University takes the results seriously in its planning for continuous improvement and enhancement. We are pleased to have received this excellent report from our students who will be graduating this year and we will be reviewing the full results carefully to inform our planning and investment in what we already do well, and where our students are telling us we could improve things for them.

“Over the next year the University will be reviewing its undergraduate courses to ensure that they are fit for the challenges of the future. The National Student Survey will be one of the ways we measure the success of this initiative.”

Students’ Union President, Bally Singh, said: “We are pleased with the results of the National Students Survey, which recognise the high quality of the teaching and learning resources at Wolverhampton. The University has a high regard for the student voice, and works closely with the Students’ Union to ensure the needs of today’s students are well provided for.”

In five of the six categories of questions in the survey, the University’s position has improved since last year, with the sixth category remaining at the same high level.  The overall satisfaction score increased by two percentage points.

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