Graduate placement excellence rewarded

Darlaston-based company Rozone completed a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Wolverhampton. The scheme partners a firm with a high-calibre graduate and University expertise on a specific project.

Lead academic Dr David Hill and his colleague Professor Craig Williams, both from the University’s School of Applied Sciences, worked on the project with graduate Dr Clare Rowe. The aim was to research, design, develop and bring to market a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products that Rozone would either own or have access to the intellectual property.

Now the project has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the KTP Grading Panel and awarded a Certificate of Excellence.

Dr Hill, from the University of Wolverhampton, said: “This is excellent news because it highlights how the application of knowledge and skills in biology and chemistry can be used to develop environmental - friendly solutions to cleaning problems. The work involved the formulation of new cleaning materials in addition to harnessing the application of natural bacteria to biodegrade the chemical pollutants removed. It is amazing what different microorganisms can do.

“By enabling the company to own their products, the partnership added value to the business, allowing it to grow and increase the profitability of services offered to existing clients.

“In order to develop products and services on site at Rozone it was necessary to develop the existing laboratory science expertise.”

The KTP was completed in February. KTP associate Dr Clare Rowe has previously received a Business Leader of Tomorrow award for her role in the project.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are designed to encourage collaboration between universities and organisations and help improve the profitability and competitiveness of UK companies.

The University of Wolverhampton is currently ranked second in the UK for the number of KTPs it manages.

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