Exercise with a friend to keep New Year’s resolution, expert advises

Exercising in a group can help people to keep their New Year’s resolution to get fit and fight the Christmas bulge, according to a University of Wolverhampton sports psychologist.
Professor Andy Lane says that if people link exercise with social activity they are more likely to enjoy it, and are therefore more inclined to continue.
Professor Lane, from the School of Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure, says it is also important that people get into a habit with exercise so it is not seen as a chore.
“Exercise becomes very easy if you get into a habit – people who exercise all the time do not have to psych themselves up to go to the gym or sports ground as it part of their routine,” he said.
“But you are more likely to commit to exercise if you commit to it as a group, as one person acts as a check to the other. We are good at letting ourselves down but have to justify it more if someone else is going too.
“If exercise is a social activity, then you link it to something you enjoy doing, and are more likely to stick at it.”
Professor Lane said the best advice was to be open-minded about finding an activity you enjoy doing, and consider taking along a friend.
He said: “It is going to be awkward for a while, but people need to modify the way they think and talk about exercise. Saying, ‘I’m no good’ is very different to saying ‘this is difficult but I am getting better’.”

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Professor Andy Lane is an expert in psychological factors such as mood, emotional intelligence and mental toughness and their influence on performance at the University of Wolverhampton’s School of Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure.
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