Pathfinder Project

University of Wolverhampton Pathfinder Project

The Pathfinder project is funded by the Higher Education Academy and builds upon work underway at the University in embedding the use of electronic personal development planning (ePDP) with our learners.
The aim of the Pathfinder project is extend the use of ePDP across all of our ten Schools.  In each school ePDP will be embedded in two, core Level 1 modules using PebblePAD ePortfolio
PDP defined as “a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development.” QAA et al (2001).
A key aspect of this project is the appropriate design of ePDP tasks in line with the learning outcomes of each module. These tasks will facilitate reflection on a variety of learning related issues to enable learners to better meet the challenges of HE.
In addition, there is a staff development aspect in that module leaders and teachers in many Schools will, through the project, become familiar with the uses, issue in, and benefits of, ePDP.

The aims of this Pathfinder project are: 

  • to strategically affect improvement in the quality of student learning through integrating the processes of PDP using ePortfolio.
  • to create a model for the professional development of staff in best practice for  curriculum design to ensure appropriate blended uses of ePortfolio for PDP
  • to embed appropriate uses of ePortfolio tasks in at least 20 University core Level 1 modules, (for example as a tool for reflection on learning, personal and professional development, and / or for early formative assessment) 
  • to evaluate the professional development model, and learners’ perceptions of the value of their situated use of ePortfolio based PDP tasks,
  • to disseminate the outcomes across partners and the sector.

Current Pathfinder Activities

For further information about current ePDP pathfinder activities within the 10 schools have a look at the Pathfinder project webfolio.