Learning and Teaching Mini Projects

These were one year projects undertaken by individuals or small teams of staff, with the aim of developing a new approach to student learning within a module, a programme of study or perhaps even across a whole School.

Previous Projects

A typical example Innovation project is in the School of Applied Sciences where there is experimentation into developing ways of mitigating possible difficulties experienced by some of our Special Needs science students in the face of the increased use of IT.

Health Sciences have also run an Innovations project, which looked at more effective ways of generating and assessing key skills within group work.

Project Papers

Many of the project papers from the previous CELT project books have been uploaded into the Wolverhampton Intellectual Repository and E- Theses (WIRE).

You'll find 123 articles listed under the Institute for Learning Enhancement (formerly CELT). You can search by author, title, date, or simply browse and view/download the full text of articles.

For more information and to find out details of how your publications can be added to WIRE email, the Repository Librarian at wire@wlv.ac.uk