Global Citizenship as a Graduate Attribute: an ESRC Seminar Series

The series is led by the University of Wolverhampton with partners from: The Institute of Education, London University, University of the Arts, University College London and University of West London.

Final Conference

The final dissemination conference was held on Friday 25 May 2012 at UCL and built on the discussions of the six previous seminars that covered epistemological perspectives, post-race, cosmopolitanism & post-colonial perspectives, radical pedagogy, visual representations, development education and corporate responsibility.  The conference critically evaluated the series for its practical and theoretical relevance to global citizenship as a graduate attribute.

Prof. Jason D. Hill, DePaul University, Chicago, provided a key note: “Hiding From Humanity: The Burka, The Face and the Annihilation of Human Identity” (ppt - 156kb - opens in a new window) which is based on his forthcoming book: When we should not get along: Cosmopolitan Solutions to Cultural Problems.


A number of universities, most notably in Australia and Scotland, are growing their interest in the development of the graduate attribute of global citizenship. This development is rarely accompanied by debate about the different ways in which this concept can be understood. Thus the overarching aim of this series is to address this inattention. We aim to generate a theorised direction for global citizenship as a graduate attribute and an underpinning pedagogic direction for its encouragement. We anticipate that these directions will be sufficiently expansive to grapple with the dynamic and complex interrelationship between social differences and commonalities among humans.

Seminar series

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Sixth seminar - 10 Feb, 2012
Global Citizenship and Corporate and Social Responsibility

Fifth seminar- 16 January 2012
Cosmopolitanism, Cultures of Teaching and Global Well Being

Fourth seminar - 14 October 2011
Pedagogies for Understanding and Engaging in a Globalised World

Third seminar - 18 May, 2011
Development Education, Global Perspectives and Global Citizenship within Higher Education.

Second seminar - 18 March, 2011
Re-thinking Difference: Post race and the Concept of Western

First seminar - December 16-17, 2010
Framing the Series/ Becoming a Cosmopolitan

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Seminar Series Coordinator: Pliny Soocoormanee, University of Wolverhampton