An e-Portfolio Community of Practice (ePCoP)

The e-Portfolio Community of Practice (ePCoP) project is a JISC Benefits Realisation (BR) Project and will extend the work of the e-Portfolio based Pedagogy for SMEs (ePPSME) project to a wider audience and include a wide range of e-portfolio principles for work-based learners, lifelong learning and employer engagement projects to create and enable a more sustainable community of practice beyond the funding period for both ePPSME and the BR project.

Project Aims:

  1. to develop and foster a community of practice for e-portfolio pedagogies for work-based  and life-long learning through a synthesis of existing practice focusing on identifying the key principles from that practice that can be applied elsewhere.  It is envisaged that the community will include stakeholders from UK HEIs, UK FE and  software providers
  2. to enliven the synthesis through interactive and multi-media summaries to map a learner journey though the  initiative identified
  3. to ensure transferability of the initiative to e-portfolio software beyond that used in the original innovations
  4. to make use of the JISC Infokit facility to house the outputs from the project and link with their relevant work on e-portfolios and business and community engagement.  
  5. to create a critical mass to sustain the community of practice beyond the project completion date

Project activities include:

  • A project web-folio and associated blog to share progress amongst project partners and start to raise awareness in the wider community of the work being undertaken;
  • Share principles and learning journeys with e-portfolio software providers to assess transferability to/from alternative applications;
  • Work with existing stakeholder communities to identify and engage with practitioners through the existing networks to raise awareness of, and create interest in, this project and the developing community of practice;
  • Identify up to six non-partner institutions and arrange to run workshops / demonstrations to showcase the synthesis and discuss implementation within their institution;
  • Raise awareness of the community, the emerging synthesis and mapped learner journeys through publicity on partners web pages, contacts networks, external events, through HEA subject centres and CRA network.
  • The strategies for sustaining the community after the end of the funding period will be addressed during the lifetime of the project and will be done through consultation, brokering an agreement with all key stakeholders.
  • Develop an on-line community of practitioners in e-portfolio based pedagogies to inform the discussion and identify potential projects and resources. This community will also advise on options for sustainability post project funding.

Further Information

All further information about the project is available through the Cloudworks discussion forum.