Classroom Refresh Programme

In response to student feedback, and as a collaborative project involving staff and students, and informed by the success of the Learning and Teaching Test Environment (LaTTE) project, the Learning and Teaching Spaces Advisory Group (LaTSAG) are undertaking a series of refurbishments of 36 classrooms across City and Walsall campuses.

The first installations (MC224, MC225, MC226, MC228, MC232) will take place during Welcome Week, to be available for the start of teaching, with the remaining installations being undertaken in the coming months.

There are a number of new features and capabilities as part of the refresh, including:

New AV desks featuring “full digital" Audio Video (AV) AV desks technology

  • The AV technology in classrooms will be “fully digital", marking a step change from older technologies, to installing the latest technologies in our spaces.
  • This includes digital connections for users devices, and an all-digital infrastructure for the best possible sound and video capabilities. Analogue connections (VGA) will be included for connectivity to older devices.
  • BluRay DVD players are included for the best possible playback quality, and new AV PCs are installed throughout to improve performance when using the AV desk.

Visualiser / Document Camera

  • Each of the refreshed AV desks will also include a document camera or visualiser that will Document cameracapture an A3 area on the desk and project this onto the teaching wall. This serves many purposes from showing documents, live-highlighting and presentation of documents, showing artefacts and practical materials to the audience, and also serves as a “projector sized” whiteboard on the AV desktop, all displaying on the primary and/or secondary projectors (where available) in the teaching rooms.
  • In addition to the new Audio Visual equipment, support and training / staff development in making the best use of AV technologies will be offered by the Directorate of Academic Support. The refurbished teaching spaces will also benefit from refreshed decor, including digital wallpaper and feature walls in some spaces, improving heating and cooling, and better lighting control, including blinds and window treatments where appropriate.
  • This project marks a step-change in the standards delivered in our classrooms, and in order to ensure we are meeting the needs of staff and students, we will be conducting extensive feedback and evaluation activities in coming weeks.

More information on the project and the new technologies in the classrooms will be available here soon.