Reference Example 1

It is with great pleasure that I wholeheartedly support Anne’s application for Senior Fellowship. I have worked with Anne for nearly three years, during which time she has demonstrated a consistently high level of effectiveness in relation to learning and teaching, commensurate with Descriptor D3 of the UKPSF.

Areas of activity

Anne is a highly experienced colleague, in all areas of activity; her RAPP shows how she reflects on her experience in other contexts e.g. FE, and draws value on this to enrich her current role in HE. Much of her work is focussed on the aim of producing students who are the reflective professional practitioners of the future. The careful design of teaching programmes aligned with the relevant Teaching Standards is an area of activity that Anne discusses in her SFHEA application; this requires considerable subject knowledge as well as expertise in teaching and learning.

Core knowledge

Anne’s teaching practice demonstrates an enthusiasm for the use of learning technologies to support the learning and developing employability of her students, and yet she retains a critical and reflective stance, aimed at continual improvement and modification of her practice. Keen to take learning out of the confines of the classroom for instance through placements, Anne retains a steady eye on quality procedures and recognises their importance for the student experience.

Professional values

Anne brings a huge amount of expertise to her role particularly in terms of her support for non-traditional students and I have seen first-hand how she is able to bring her knowledge of certain impairments experienced by students to inform discussions about how to meet the students’ needs. She clearly places high value on the importance of collaborating with colleagues to benefit students- collaboration in which I have participated on a number of occasions. Indeed her RAPP gives numerous examples of her commitment to her own CPD and her leadership of others.

In summary, Anne's commitment to the practice of teaching in a higher education context is supported by ample evidence within her submission for Senior Fellowship. She is widely respected amongst colleagues and students alike for her integrity, conscientiousness and leadership abilities which go far beyond the scope of her job description.

Reference Example 2

George and I have been colleagues at the University of Wolverhampton for approximately 10 years, during which time we have worked together on many initiatives designed to enhance the Learning and Teaching (L&T) experience. We also both contribute to Faculty Learning and Teaching Committees and I know that George’s views and suggestions are incredibly well received and have a real impact on L&T in the Faculty.

The over-arching tenet of George’s approach to pedagogy and the embedding of study/research skills, is ‘contextualisation’. His deep understanding of the discipline specific nature of his subject area, enables him to impact positively and appropriately to the curriculum planning stage, the process of knowledge exchange and application of student understanding. His skills at leading individual, small and large group sessions, whilst evident early on in his career, have only been enhanced by his pursuit to better understand aspects of pedagogy, applicable to his subject and evidenced by his attainment of his PG Cert.

Having co-lead teaching sessions with George, I know his knowledge and enthusiasm to engage students in understanding the importance of study skills and research, garners real results. Students’ perceptions of this aspect of their course and their enjoyment of their subject as a whole, are positively impacted upon following time with spent with George.

George and I recently worked on a project with the Faculty to better engage students in the process of using online academic resources to support their artistic practice. Our approach utilised both the University Learning Centre’s online resources and the University VLE, WOLF. George’s experience of having worked face-to-face with many of the students, offered an insight into how we might best meet this challenge. He also demonstrated a real understanding that a VLE is not just a repository but an opportunity to empower students to control their own learning, communicate with their peers and provide a gateway to further resources.

George’s experience of ‘Blended’ approaches to education allied to his knowledge of the subject and the students, ensured that the project was a real success with potential to further the work and encourage other courses in the Faculty to adopt this model.

I have no reservations when recommending George for Senior Fellowship of the HEA. He currently meets all of the SFHEA criteria and will no doubt continue a highly successful career in the sector.

Reference Example 3

I am delighted to write a reference for Steven Taylor's application to become a Fellow for the Higher Education Academy.

Steven’s reflective account clearly articulates his authority in engaging students’ in their learning. Steven underpins his approach with pedagogically informed learning and teaching practices. When designing and planning his learning activities, he always demonstrates a real receptiveness to understanding what motivates students in the classroom. This is reflected in the positive evaluative feedback he receives from students’ on the modules he delivers.  

Steven is also proactive in supporting students with differing learning needs. In liaison with the student enabling centre, his support to deaf and dyslexic students has been crucial. He has been excellent in developing inclusive learning environments where no student feels disadvantaged. Steven is very creative in his approaches to learning and teaching, and actively considers practices that are, “outside of the box”. He brings innovation into the classroom through the use of technological innovations such as Socrative. He received an excellent response from colleagues when delivering a presentation on the use of technological innovations in teaching at a Faculty Learning and Teaching conference. Colleagues felt empowered to consider such innovations in their own learning and teaching practices. Steven also effectively uses blogging to facilitate group interaction with his student cohort.

I fully support Steven’s application to the KUDOS scheme and to become a Fellow of the HEA. Steven meets all the required dimensions and descriptors to be awarded FHEA and I have every confidence he will continue to strive forward with supporting students in their learning and remain in good standing.