About the Project

Canvas is the University of Wolverhampton’s new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that will be replacing WOLF (Wolverhampton Online Learning Framework) and WLVglobal for learning and teaching from August 2017.

The reason for this change is that pedagogy and technology have moved at a great pace since WOLF was developed by the University in 1998; revolutionising learning and teaching. As part of the Digital Campus Programme, the University has partnered with Instructure, the supplier of Canvas, to reclaim our position as leaders in technology enhanced learning.

The decision to select Canvas as our new VLE was made following an extensive and inclusive procurement exercise. This directly involved over 70 members of the University community and included them in activities such as scoring, supplier demonstrations and hands-on evaluation. The approach underpinning this activity was to ensure that the chosen VLE could provide the tools to deliver effective learning and teaching.

During summer 2016, 22 academic programmes volunteered to use Canvas for the academic year 2016/17, these programmes are known as ‘Early Adopters’. The ‘Early Adopter’ staff and students provide feedback and information about Canvas, which is being utilised to inform the transition and where appropriate, make adjustments.


VLE Project Timeline