Studying multicultural texts

Creative Writing

In the Journalism module students are asked to look at a local newspaper. In the case of any overseas students, they are encouraged to look at newspapers from their own country. The students then open up for a plenary session and discuss how the different local newspapers report and the differences and focus of the writing

And when studying short story writing students are given a list of authors to choose from and these draw from a range of cultures.

Student are asked to will introduce short story writer from thier own culture: "one of our English students might pick it up and discover that ‘oh my this actually may well be the best short story writer that ever wrote.’ And similarly, the home students will select their favourite writers and share them with the international students. So, it’s a very fair trade between all of our students. It’s global, it’s transnational, it’s trans-cultural.” Jacqlyn Pieterick, University of Wolverhampton.