Integrating students from different cultures


One of the challenges that the course recognise is how do integrate students who would rather stay within their own cultural groups. Though they might feel comfortable within nationality groups the industry they will be going into means that they must be able to work with others from different backgrounds.

The discipline use a formative assessment which requires all students to do a piece of public speaking on their experiences presented to their subject groups e.g. tourism, hospitality. The students are supported by the Student Union international officer who talks to them about their concerns and helps them prepare for their talks. Students are asked to reflect on their experiences and add this to their ePortfolio.

Students on the Global Citizenship module are put into groups that are cross culturally mixed. They are asked to discuss their attitude to food, when you eat, what you eat and so on. From those shared experiences they will be ask to under take a group project, for example three students from very different countries, Poland, Sri Lanka and Nigeria all used similar spices in their cooking and from this planned a fusion menu.