Learning & Teaching Strategy

Learning & Teaching Strategy (2016-2021)

The University of Wolverhampton’s Learning & Teaching Strategy identifies three key Development Priorities for 2016-21:

  • Learner Engagement
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Subject Communities

These Development Priorities, and the associated Enabling Activities, support, and align with, Pillar 1 of the University’s Strategic Plan (2016-2021):

  • Students First
    • Achieve a sector-leading University experience for all
    • Maximise individual potential for all students
    • Create outstanding learning opportunities informed by world-leading research and professional practice

  • Learning and Teaching Strategy (2016-2021) (PDF 447K, Downloads file)

Previous Strategies

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Strategy 2012-2017

At the University of Wolverhampton we believe that students are our partners with a continuing joint investment in sustaining our institutional reputation for excellence in innovation, knowledge transfer and research. Students will benefit from teaching that is linked with professional practice, scholarship and research. They will graduate with the ability to operate in a fast-changing, dynamic and evolving world. Our teachers will be adept at linking professional practice, scholarship and research to their teaching to create a responsive, expert-based learning environment. We aim to develop students who are critically reflective, entrepreneurial, employable, digitally literate, well networked and socially responsible, in line with our institutional graduate attributes.

Learning and Teaching Strategy 2010 – 2012

Building on the embedding of proven successful learning and teaching developments into mainstream systems, this strategy will use a focus on Graduate Attributes to bring the strategic development of its learning and teaching into line with other relevant strategies. It will be a major vehicle by which improvement in student recruitment, retention, satisfaction, achievement and progression will be achieved.

This transitional strategy covers a period of two years in order to bring the current Learning and Teaching Strategy, Blended Learning Strategy into line with a new university strategic plan by 2012.

Strategy for Learning and Teaching 2006 - 2010

The strategy is entitled: Enhancing the student learning experience. This strategy aimed to embed the quality, relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of our learning environments into the mainstream processes and procedures of University planning and implementation, so as to enhance the lives, the educational experience and employability of our students.

Strategy for Learning and Teaching 2002-2005

The 2002-2005 Strategy for Learning and Teaching focused on: Managing the Learning Environment: Intellectual, Independent and Interactive. The strategy aimed to: 'Develop the quality, relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of our learning environment, so as to enhance the educational experience of students across the whole institution'.