How to conduct a quick and useful Mid Module evaluation

Mid Module evaluation is a useful tool to support the retention, progression and How to post it attainment, process. 

Ask your students questions such as:

  1. What are the key things you have learnt so far?
  2. Is there anything that remains difficult to understand?
  3. What changes to the teaching activities might improve your learning?

Responses can be on post-its for students to stick on the wall or they can write responses on a piece of paper which they put in a collection box/hat/bin.

Report back to students what you can change in response to their comments.

The One-Minute Paper

The originator of a good technique for evaluation is Tom Angelo and his work on the One-Minute Paper. This quick task helps find out what students have gotten out of a lecture, and works well with both large and small classes.

Evaluation and resources about this technique are available below.