Wolverhampton Graduate Attributes

The experience of studying at University is about much more than just gaining knowledge and understanding of a subject(s,) it is also about developing additional skills and capabilities that you can take with you into a wide range of different settings. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain to others what you have done and achieved.

The following Graduate Attributes will help you think about the knowledge and skills you have gained and how these can be presented to prospective employers and/or other interested parties. This is not an exhaustive list and you will need to reflect on what you can personally demonstrate that is appropriate for different settings and contexts such as job interviews. You will also have formed your own opinion about what going to university has meant the most to you and how you think you have developed. 

Graduate Attributes

While at university you will have the opportunity to:

  1. acquire, generate, interrogate and apply knowledge from a wide range of sources,
  2. develop research skills to enable analysis , synthesis, understanding and evaluation of data and information.
  3. demonstrate self-discipline and organizational skills by meeting deadlines, and taking responsibility for your own development and learning
  4. present ideas clearly in an informed and persuasive manner to a variety of audiences.
  5. be innovative, creative and enterprising work collaboratively, whilst acknowledging, respecting and engaging with the views of others in a constructive and empathetic manner
  6. draw on professional advice and feedback to reflect on and improve your own learning and professional practice;
  7. prepare for the world of work through engagement with real life situations, briefs and problems
  8. engage with new ideas and ways of working as an active member of the communities in which you study, live and work.