The Validation Process

What is it?

Validation is a process that is used by the University to create a new course.

The process involves a Validation Team (or ‘panel’) reviewing documentation submitted by the School and providing comments around assessment, learning and teaching, student support etc. Sometimes the documentation will also be discussed at a meeting with both staff members and students.

What will we be asking you to do?

Your role will involve being part of the Validation team where we ask for your help to review documentation from a student’s point of view! You may also be invited to attend a meeting if you are available.  We will be there to support you throughout the whole process and will provide you with guidance on what you need to look for within the documentation and how to present your feedback.

Who is involved?

Staff from across the University including academic staff from the course team, an external academic from another university and representatives from Registry, Learning Information Services and Student Centres.

When does it take place?

Validations take place throughout the year with most being completed before Easter each year.

What will you get out of it?

By taking part in this process you will be able to gather an understanding of some of the academic and quality processes that are used within the university to ensure that your fellow students have a great experience.

You will gain valuable experience to add to your CV as well as a letter of commendation from the Head of the Quality and Collaboration Unit. You may also use the time towards the University’s Wolverhampton Enterprise and Employability Award and Student’s Union Volunteering Award.