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Programmes Unit

The Programmes Unit is responsible for timetabling, rooming and publishing exam timetables, publishing course guides, module diets, working alongside Student Centres to provide regulatory advice and more.

Jasbir Athwal

Studied: Computing BSc

Placement: University of Wolverhampton – Registry (Programmes Unit)

Duration: 12 Months

During my time on placement I was required to complete a project for timetabling. The project required making webpages on rooming information with the use of panoramic pictures.

The webpages would allow you to:

  • View all rooms virtually
  • View room information
  • View AV instructions
  • View book a room

On placement I also updated rooming information on the University of Wolverhampton’s Student Records System, SITS. I also assisted with the teaching space audit, collecting data for the Estate Management Statistics (EMS) return to HESA. 

Completing this placement was a very good experience for me as I managed to gain experience of working in the real world. Although my project was an individual project I managed to improve my team skills. From my experience I am now able to demonstrate the organisational and time management skills required to meet tight deadlines and to adapt to a variety of situations and cope with pressure. I have also learnt to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Finally, I have learnt how to adapt to a working life style.

From my experience working for Registry I would highly recommend being part of the team. It is a great opportunity to improve your skills and certainly to boost your confidence.  

Nathan Leadbetter

Studied: BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Placement: University of Wolverhampton – Registry (Programmes Unit)

Duration: 12 Months

During my placement I worked in the Programmes Unit which includes the Central Timetabling Unit, who are responsible for the publication of the academic timetable, for Digital Signage around the University and carrying out audits of teaching space.

I mainly work with the Central Timetabling Officer and Project Support Officer, assisting on a number of live projects, these include:

  • Digital signage
  • Creating the screens webpage
  • ROM Records (Updating)
  • Enhancing the webpages for:
  • Space Audit/App testing
  • Central Timetabling Survey
  • Chaperon for Resit Week at Molineux

My placement has allowed me to gain experience in the office world, learning new processes, workflows, policies and procedures and understanding how a large organisation such as the University operates. The most enjoyable aspect about this placement was the positive environment; everybody was very friendly, helpful and passionate in their role which motivated me to learn quickly and share my ideas.

Completing my placement year in Registry (Programmes Unit) was very fulfilling. I have gained valuable experience in the real working world, enhancing my skills and confidence. My CV now has a year of experience on it giving me an edge over other students when I start to apply for jobs next year. I would recommend a placement opportunity to any student because you gain so much from it and the more you put into the placement, the more you get out of it. It’s just a great overall experience, you get a salary for a year and it gives you more drive to work hard for what you want in the future.

Pooja Devi

Studied: BSc (Hons) Information Technology

Placement: University of Wolverhampton – Registry (Programmes/ System Unit)

Duration: 12 Months

My placement was split between both the Programmes (including the Central Timetabling Unit) and Student Records Units. From both of these departments I have undertaken a range of different projects during my placement year as shown below:


  • Maintaining Digital Signage

This has involved responding to requests from departments, members of staff and students who wished to advertise information on the University plasma screens. The requests are usually sent through to the department electronically and on receiving the request it’s been part of my role to decide the best way of displaying the information. 

I’ve been able to gain a new skill of using Photoshop CS6 to do this and I’ve developed my creativity skills by producing slides that effectively capture the audience’s attention. This is an important part of the work as people often only glance at screens as they pass by and the way it’s presented needs to make them stop and read it further!

  • Updating the University teaching rooms webpages

I have been taught how to take 360 panoramic images of teaching rooms and was able to gain photography skills. Something I hadn’t thought about before starting the placement! I’ve also used two pieces of software that were completely new to me, Microsoft Photosynth and Microsoft Image Composite Editor. Throughout the year I have developed skills on the best way to take images, how to create a 360 panoramic view and how to export files to other software.

  • Assisting with the formatting and publishing of Non-Standard Academic calendars

For this project I worked with the Programmes Officer and we worked on making calendars available for courses that start or finish outside the standard University calendar dates.  This means these courses now have a calendar of their own to give more meaningful information to the student, including teaching and exam weeks.  With this project I was able to learn how to use Terminal4 software, which is used by the University to create and amend its webpages.  I now know how to modify a page and add media to it using this software.

  • Assisting with Space Audit’s

Space audits happen to record the usage of teaching rooms. During the audits that took place I was able to realise the time and effort put into ensuring all courses had appropriate teaching rooms. I interacted with the students that completed the audits and this contributed to my communication skills as I was dealing with a range of different people. I also assisted in ensuring audits were carried out as efficiently as possible often running to conduct an audit myself when this was needed.

  • Providing a student outlook to the Enhanced Module Registration task

Working with a small working group I was able to offer my opinions from a student’s perspective for the module registration task, which has recently changed to a more enhanced version.  This was useful as it meant student needs could be taken into account and the software could be viewed with a different outlook. The working group was for members to identify what was working and what needed improving in the task.   During this project I was able to discuss my experiences when registering modules and my opinions were taken seriously and incorporated into the module registration task.

Student Records


  • Analysis of the e:Vision helpdesk calls

This formed as one of my major projects during my placement and with it I was able to achieve a number of skills. I’ve been able to develop my analysing and reporting skills, two skills that will prove to be useful during my final year of study.  I was also able to develop my communication skills due to the range of different departments that I worked alongside and regularly shared information with. This project was fulfilling as my suggestions for improvements were considered and implemented.  Importantly this has given me confidence as my work was being treated valuably and was making a real difference.

  • Assisting with Spring Graduation

With this task I was able to see things from a staff perspective rather than a student and I now certainly appreciate the work put into Graduation ceremonies.

Would I do a placement year again?  Certainly, yes!

Overall this placement was a chance for me to gain an invaluable insight into the real working world and the workplace culture. I’ve been able to see how the University works from a different perspective and has helped me to appreciate the hard work and efforts that go on in the background and contribute to my study.

I’ve added a wide range of skills, all of which I think are vital for future employment. Over the year I’ve improved my communication skills and this has contributed to my confidence and I know I’ve acquired a range of skills that I can add to my CV to enhance it.  


I would therefore highly recommend that students seriously consider taking a Sandwich year placement as the benefits easily outweigh reasons not to. Plus one year out could make all the difference in helping students to successfully find employment opportunities once they have completed their degree.