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Q4S Experiences

Atiyah Ghulum

I felt comfortable throughout the whole process.

The most positive aspect was taking part in the process. It was also extremely beneficial as I was able to comprehend the learning module outcomes easily. I also realised the importance of learning about different religions and teaching it to others.

Helen Moxon

I was perfectly happy with the discussions and guidance received.

The forum was excellent as it gave all involved a chance to air their views and toss ideas and improvements back and forth. I would not change anything about the experience. I learnt so much, the first being how courses are developed and validated. I felt privileged to be the voice for the students interested in this course and I communicated with a set group regularly and worked with them to voice their concerns or approval. It was amazing to be part of such a forward thinking innovative team and work towards validating a course that is quite unique.

Sophie Hall

I didn’t feel uncomfortable with any of the documentation and feel it was well explained. Due to sickness I couldn’t attend the panel meeting but the process was well organised and documents were well circulated. It was interesting to see the points of view given by other members and to assess the view of academics. 

Denise Murray

I received an email asking if students were interested in being a part of validating a new course.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to be involved in something that I haven't done before, expand my university experience and build up my CV.

When I received the details of the course proposal on Wolf I didn't know what type of comments I was expected to write, so I compared it to similar courses from other universities and wrote about that.  I enjoy researching and it helped me to gain a better understanding of the course content.

I am emailed about other course validation opportunities, and I will continue to take part whenever it is possible.  I want to become a teacher in the future and this is definitely a skill that will help me to stand out from the competition.