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Academic Standards & Quality

Academic Standards and Quality (ASQ) manage a number of the University's quality processes, to include academic governance, external examiners, continuous monitoring and other related processes.

Natalie Ryles

Studied: BA (Hons) Business Management

Placement: University of Wolverhampton- Registry (Academic Standards and Quality Unit)

Duration: 12 months

During my time in the department as well as completing general administrative duties I was responsible for setting agendas and writing minutes for the School Quality Enhancement Committee (SQEC) for School of Health and Wellbeing (SHaW) which also required me to communicate effectively with School and committee members and manage my time effectively to meet deadlines. As part of my role I communicated with a number of external partners such as Professional bodies and External Examiners to student and general staff enquiries. As a department there was regular team meetings which required my attendance and I was responsible for writing the action checklist for the department which highlighted what was required by the department, by whom and by what deadline.

My main responsibility during my placement was a ‘Student Engagement Project’ which I led, focused on breaking down the language barrier to quality assurance processes. As the outcome of this with the help of a colleague I produced a product plan identifying the aims and methodology behind the project and identifying key themes and discussing the outcomes of the project with ideas for development.

My placement gave me many transferable skills and experiences for the work place and as individual and for my future studies. It improved many of my basic office skills, allowing me to communicate effectively with a variety of people through networking with executives, academics and employees. It allowed me to continue to improve my time management skills, liaise with members of my team and other colleagues with different tasks in hand which in effect has helped improve my problem solving and decision making skills. As well as improving my work related skills it has allowed me to improve my personal skills; one of my biggest gains was the significant improvement in my confidence.

Overall I would recommend a placement to any student because it enhances your employable, enhancing your CV, as well as improving a number of transferable skills differentiating you from other graduates.

Salma Iqbal

Studied: BA (Hons) Media and Communication Studies

Placement: University of Wolverhampton- Registry (Academic Standards and Quality unit)

Duration: 12 months

The Academic Standards and Quality (ASQ) team ensures that the University’s quality assurance and enhancement processes are effectively facilitated, enabling both the assurance of academic standards and high quality learning opportunities for students.

The main project which I led involved carrying forward ‘the student engagement project’ started by the previous student placement, Natalie Ryles. The main aim for the project was to bring awareness to students on the different quality assurance processes which are undertaken by the University.

The outcomes of the work I’ve done this year are as followed:

  • The publication of a student engagement with quality assurance processes video.
  • The publication of a generic guidance leaflet for students on quality assurance processes.
  • The ‘quality4students’ webpage.
  • Creating a ‘quality’ brand for students (An icon was created based on my idea for ‘the student engagement project')
  • A launch plan has also been put into plan which I have been involved with.

This project was challenging but yet exciting and allowed me to make that critical connection between my placement work and my academic studies.

Other work which I have done for the unit includes general administration duties as well as gaining experience in committee management, working on External Examiner files, been part of the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) project which involved working alongside senior staff to promoting this service to students, attending several Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) conferences regarding student engagement, I have also presented my work at the University of Wolverhampton Rich Exchange conference 2013.

Overall I think my placement has been a very valuable experience and I would definitely recommend to any student. The programme has enabled me to improve on my communication skills, computer skills, team skills and presentation skills. Spending a year on placement has given me a clearer idea of what I want to do in the future and I've become generally a more confident person, having more faith in the skills I have. One of the biggest benefits of doing a placement year is that it looks great on your CV and will give me an advantage against other candidates once I graduate. And finally it is brilliant to earn a salary for a year, it certainly takes some of the financial pressure off.

Davinia Malcolm

Studied: BA (Hons) Business Management (Human Resources)

Placement: University of Wolverhampton- Registry (Academic Standards and Quality unit)

Duration: 12 months